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Writing contest: Rules

Sat May 20, 2017, 3:30 AM

I'll try to be as clear as possible so as to avoid any doubts. All of this rules will be subject to changes during this weekend if suggested (for example if someone could not make it I wouldn't mind extending the deadline a day or so). Remember this is to have fun and enjoy each other's stories so I will try to be flexible as possible. :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 

RULES Blue-orb 

The story will have no minimum amount of words, but the maximum amount of words will be 4000 words, anything in between is perfectly fine, so just write as much as you feel like.

The story should make use of the characters of my comics, Tammy and Arthur. You can include additional girls if you’d like but you shouldn’t add more boys.

The main themes of the story should be: Shrinking, squashing, stretching, transforming, flattening, humiliating… Sit You can use all of them or just the ones you like. Creativity and originality is encouraged as a plus but if you’d rather go with a well written classic that’s fine too.

The plot doesn’t need to keep continuity with my comics, you could continue one of my comics, make a completely new setting, reimagine how they meet, make it so they have known each other for a while, anything is fine, you are free to go wild in that sense.

If you’d like to know a bit more about what the personalities of the characters or anything similar to make it coherent with my stories don’t hesitate to ask, I will try to help as much as possible.

Please avoid vore, scat, farts, or smells in general, inflation and expansion (that’s just my personal dislike).

I’m not going to limit the sexual themes, so that’s up to you, just try to make it so it’s not only about it, and remember to keep it playful and mean, which is the idea. Devilish 

The deadline will be in a week from now, so the story should be finished by next Saturday. Any time during the day is fine.

You can send the story to me, publish it on DA, on or wherever you like, as long as I can read it.


PRIZE  First Prize Winner 

Regarding the price, as I said, I will take your character and include it in my comics. Please understand that this is not a request or commission. First, please don’t ask me to include an alien or a super powered human, as I would try to keep it within the bounds of my setting. Regarding the appearance and name you will get to choose and I will try to make it as close to your description or reference as my skills allow me (which might not be that much).

If the character is a boy, you get to choose if you want him to end up squashed or just play a role in the situation. You won’t get to choose how he is squashed so maybe you’ll end up as my insole for jogging or you could end up squashed under the ass of a hottie, who knows?...
Giant Princess by PumpkinPants I’ll try to make it so that you like it though so I accept suggestions.

If the character is a girl, it’s the same except that you could choose to help my character instead of being squashed.

Aaand, that should be it, if you come with any other questions I will try to include them here so that everyone can see it.

This is the only thing I'm not that sure about, I would like for it to be as fair as possible and not rely just in my opinnion so if you have any ideas I'm all ears, I will make a decission when I see how many entries there are.

Thanks a lot to those of you that are going to give it a try!!  Love Love Love 

Height: 1m 75 cm
Hair colour: Black
Eyes colour: Brown
Personality: A prideful, funny guy. With a strong moral sense, he always tries to do the right thing, but he also loves being flattered so he easily loses focus. His body seem to have some strange characteristics, and decreases in mass or density in certain situations, which in the practice gets him squashed after shrinking or accidently flattened by unaware bystanders. This seems to have something to do with women around him but has not been confirmed. After Tammy finds out about him, she has turned into his own nightmare, popping out of nowhere when bored to play with him as she sees fit, sometimes taking him away for as long as she wishes but with her almost celebrity status, he is unable to get her away from him. Nevertheless, as much as he hates being used and squashed by her, he hates even more giving her the pleasure of winning so he tries to resist as much as possible...

Height: 1m 70 cm
Hair colour: Brown
Eyes colour: Green
Personality: Talented, bratty, smart and good looking, she is so used to getting what she wants that she's become totally uncaring of others. Playful and mean, finds out about Arthur's body properties and starts following him to mess with him, and due to the status of her family, she doesn't need to worry her head with working so when she becomes invested in a particular thing is mostly out of interest, However, she loves making money at the expense of others just for fun and will sometimes even give away the money she makes when her games are over.
After finding out she can use Arthur as her personal toy, she decides to get him everytime she is bored, sure that even if he dislikes it, it is actually an honor for a commoner like him to be of use to her. She loves trying out, how much more comfortable he can make her life by using him as all sorts of stuff, whether by stretching him, squashing him or other means, and has used his face, tongue, and body to have as much fun as she wanted, and she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. Her gratest assets are her hips and behind and she loves using them to assert her points but she won't hesitate using other parts of her body to play around as she is very proud of her body and makes sure to keep it in top form.

This is just a general reference for those of you that wanted to know a bit about the characters, however, you don't need to stick stricktly to this descriptions and they are only supposed to be a general guide, so I tried to be a bit vague. Have fun with them and use them how you see fit. In case of doubt you are free to ask me anything else you'd like about us.

Skin by Nethartic


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